Une ontologie des corps - une ontologie du lieu

Pierre-Philipphe Jandin


Human overpopulation, the spectacle of billions of bodies crowded together, is not only a quantitative phenomenon; the question of number must be given all its ontological weight, when the matter is to think out the meaning of “being-with”, of “living-together”, of “common” in a word. Jean-Luc Nancy considers that we are exposed to the necessity of elaborating a new ontology, one of bodies which give place, room and time to existence. That is why we must examine the notions of “body”, of “place”, of “event of skin” and “pictural art” ( “art of bodies” which confronts us with the difference between “carnation” and “incarnation”). Our bodies are exposed and are listening to each other in an ceaseless beat, a throb of life as “ différance ”. The bodies, as openings of openings, are places where the Being differs and delays “itself” : a chance for another ontology.

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