Contatti. Quattro pennellate per Jean-Luc Nancy

Maria Morganti


This text contains points of contact which I felt between my work as an artist and Jean Luc Nancy's thought. I've associated some of my works and reflections on the practice which produced them, to words expressed in quotes from a variety of texts by Nancy, such as The Muses, Corpus, Noli me tangere and others. All is structured in four chapters, imaginary brushstrokes, dedicated to Nancy. Each one revolves around one or two artworks, which are shown in photograph. In each, the artist's and the philosopher's words follow one another merging into a dialogue. The titles of the four chapters reflect the two perspectives, defining distinct meeting points, where I've made his words lean towards my works as if they spoke for me and my feelings. To Nancy's concept of "touching", corresponds my "the body, that paints"; to "body" corresponds "the body becomes painting", to "body as a place of existence" corresponds "painting as space of existence" and to "withdrawing" corresponds "I touch the canvas with the brush and then I distance myself from it".

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