Al di là di paura e coraggio. Tre note sull’esposizione di Jean-Luc Nancy

Massimo Villani


Amazement is the origin of philosophy, as Plato teaches; but thauma, actually is a kind of wonder that is full of fright, full of fear. Though Jean-Luc Nancy’s work has never focused on the theme of fear, we think that his thought is endowed with powerful resources for the deconstruction of this mighty motive of thought, which keeps it in a reactive, defensive dimension, that is a dimension of closure. Through three short notes we will explore Nancy’s approaches to as many spheres of existence, such as politics, the arts, the theological, in which he finds out as many occasions and strategies of disclosure to the nothing of sense. Lacking the subjective density of Plato’s thauma, the Nancyan notion of “mineral amazement” drives thought toward a dimension well beyond fear and courage.

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