Professional Philosophy



EPEKEINA is a new biannual peer-reviewed journal published by CRF. It covers a wide range of research on Ontology including Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Mind, Political Philosophy, and other relevant areas of philosophical research. It seeks to provide an international platform for scholars worldwide to exchange their most recent philosophical research. The Journal is commited to making its contents free and open to the public with the intent of supporting the global exchange of knowledge.

EPEKEINA is available in full Open Access for submission and consulting.

Issues published:

  • Vol. 1, nn. 1-2/2012: Towards a multidisciplinary foundation of Ontology, ed. by A. Le Moli, P. Giuffrida.
  • Vol. 2, n. 1/2013: Ontology Revisited, ed. by A. Le Moli, M. Carapezza, P. Giuffrida.
  • Vol. 3, n. 2/2013: Jean-Luc Nancy. L’iperbole del finito, ed. by R. Caldarone, P. Cecala, G. Tusa.
  • Vol. 4, nn. 1-2/2014: Evil, Progress and Fall. Moral Readings of Time and Cultural Development in Roman Literature and Philosophy, ed. by R. R. Marchese, F. Tutrone.