Call for papers for the XI ISNS Conference on "Latin Neoplatonism"

"Latin Neoplatonism"

Directed and organized by Stephen Gersh & Andrea Le Moli

This panel will emphasize the importance of Neoplatonic (and Middle Platonic) authors, both pagan and Christian, of late antiquity who wrote in Latin, not only because of their intrinsic importance within the history of late ancient philosophy but because of their enormous influence upon the western Middle Ages, during which time they were often the primary transmitters of ancient Greek philosophy to later generations. We invite the submission of paper proposals dealing with any aspect, philosophical, literary, or historical, of either late ancient or western Medieval authors (IXth to XVth Century)

AUTHORS (just suggestions)

Cicero, Seneca, Gellius, Apuleius, Calcidius, Macrobius, Martianus Capella, Boethius, Censorinus, Marius Victorinus, Augustine, Firmicus Maternus, Favonius Eulogius, Servius, Fulgentius, Priscianus Lydus, Varro.

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